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Thread: [HELP] Download ports database

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    [HELP] Download ports database

    Hello all,

    I did a python script to make a GET request to the port.php endpoint of speedguide, filling the port parameter with a number (from 0 to 65535) within a for loop. The goal is to store a file with ports info locally for security purposes.

    The problem is that when doing several requests, the IP is banned by the server, so I have to wait a long time to execute the script again. The error says the max retries are exceeded, failed to establish a new connection, connection refused.

    I've tried some fixes, xe, using sleep and using retry capabilities from requests lib.

    How is the best way to get the all the info from ports database? or any idea of what can I do to not get that error and be banned?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello raldu. This behavior from our server is on purpose, we do not want to have our ports database being scraped and downloaded, firewall will block your requests. The database is not intended for downloading.

    The ports database is not open source. It is only available as part of the website and as a service to the community. We update it periodically and don't want to have the complete content downloaded by everybody out there. We may license it commercially and make it available for use by security/firewall companies, as it contains over 10000 records and is likely the most complete ports information on the net. What we are trying to prevent is other websites popping up with copies from our entire database that we update weekly for 15 years. You are still welcome to use the online service.

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    it is very good

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