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Thread: Where's my speed?

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    Where's my speed?

    Hi All,

    I upgraded my internet service and receive a wifi speed of 300Mbps when stood close to the router. I have hard wired my Mac into the router but the speed seems to be capped at just under 100Mbps. The cable I have used is cat6 and the length is approx 25 meters.

    Can anyone explain where my speed has gone?


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    Does your router have Gigabit ports on the LAN side, or just 100 Mbit ports? Not all routers have Gigabit Ethernet.

    25m is a bit of a long run, does it go through any possible points of interference, like fluorescent lights, etc.? You may also have to change some of the Network Adapter settings, enable Jumbo Frames, disable any "Power Saving" mode, disable "Efficient Ethernet", etc.
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