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Thread: My Dell SFF 7010 Refuses To Start Up

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    My Dell SFF 7010 Refuses To Start Up

    I replaced the power supply in it a week or two ago, and it ran great but yesterday I got the blue screen that said something like

    "Your PC or device needs to be repaired."

    Error code Oxc000000e

    I tried to boot from a boot thing I put on a flash drive and it would not boot from that.
    So I went back to my Dell 960 which runs good.
    This is exactly why I like to keep a good running spare PC for backup.

    Can you please tell me what I can do to get her running again?
    Thank you.

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    It's a little out of my wheelhouse but if you do a search for "Error code XXXXX" there seems to be plenty of ways to address this problem.

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    Something is corrupt in the OS, or, it could be RAM chip being bad..

    I'd first try to boot/repair from flash media again.
    I would run memory diagnostics (or/and try to bump up the voltage a bit, lower speed of the RAM in the BIOS, if you have those options available).
    Next I would start pulling out unnecessary stuff, like leave only one RAM chip in the slot, reseat the RAM, remove unnecessary cards that may be in the PCIe slots, and try booting again.
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    I haven't tried dealing with it yet, I'm running my big Dell 960 for now.
    Thanks so much. I need to get that spare Dell running just in case.
    They both run great with the SSD, if they both will start up.

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    I took this PC to a local shop today and he ran some tests on it and says the SSD got corrupted somehow and will not start.
    He says I can either reinstall Windows 10 or get a new SSD and put Win 10 on that.
    He recommends a new SSD in case this SSD fails again.
    Maybe that's what I get for taking a chance on a used SSD.

    I can buy an SSD, does that mean I have to pay for Windows 10?

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