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Thread: dialpad on a shared ip network

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    Question dialpad on a shared ip network

    I am using a cable modem with a single ip for my home network of two computers.everything works fine except I cant use a service called dialpad for making free long distance calls.I have tried every thing in there help section to no avail.On the server the person I am calling can hear me but i cant hear them and the client is just the opposite.If any one knows what I am doing wrong I would appreciate some help.Thanks

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    If you have a private network, even though you can call someone, you wouldn't be able to hear the remote end. This is because the incoming voice packets cannot find its way to the PC without a valid (public) IP address.

    In order to use Dialpad on a private network, you have to map the incoming ports on the server. You have to map the following incoming ports

    UDP: 51200, 51201
    TCP: 51210

    If you need a trigger for them, use TCP: 7175 (outgoing)

    There are many software/hardware out there for routing traffic in a private network. Although each of them has a different way of configuring the ports, they basically work the same way.

    You can get more help with this at the Dialpad Website. Go to HELP>FAQ

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