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Thread: Stole from a shoplifter today

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    Stole from a shoplifter today

    From my desk I can watch people rip off Safeway all day, every day.

    Bottles, cases, baskets, carts.

    Guy came out and pulled something out of his jacket and stashed it in the planters of the restaurant next to me.

    Went back into Safeway.

    Went and looked...chicken wings and a Budweiser tall boy.

    Took the beer, left the wings.

    He came back about 90 seconds later and was thoroughly confused.

    Asked who wanted the Bud and I got one hesitant volunteer (this Safeway doesn't take back stolen product that's left the store).

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    Lol, you'd think he would be a bit more hesitant next time? I doubt it though, I imagine it's not his first rodeo.
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