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Thread: Help with offload options on network driver.

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    Help with offload options on network driver.

    Hello, im trying to figure out a problem with a Intel I219-V network card(windows 21h1, newest possible version to date)

    Pretty much all offload options, shecksum Offload, receive-Side Scaling State, receive segment soalescing state,
    large send offload, udp/tcp offloads just dont work.

    They are all set on the driver as "off" and turning it on does nothing, even via powershell, registry and even using tcp optimizer, the options just keep stuck at "off".

    Any ideas? Im totally hopeless here, tried to rollback the drivers, reinstall everything, even a clean windows install.

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    Many of those offloading options are not compatible with other components like Windows Firewall, IPsec, etc. It is also very dependent on the NIC driver (Intel vs OEM driver, different versions, etc.). If using the Intel generic updated drivers, soem features may not be applicable to your particular adapter, are you sure it supports the feature you are trying to turn on? It may also be dependent on the motherboard BIOS version. Maybe there is some software/hardware incompatibility that causes them to remain off?

    Also note it is often better for performance to turn off LSO, generally most offloads and coalescing. Usually I leave checksum offloads as the only one working.
    Here is Intel saying to turn off even checksum offload under IPv6 with specific ONTs:
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