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Thread: Getting hot. Don't kill your dog

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    Getting hot. Don't kill your dog

    Most of our customers bring their dogs into the store, but I see this kind of behavior all summer.

    Only a few windows broken out, but about 10 police responses each year.

    Fine line between panting and dying sometimes.

    How hot do cars get in the sun? Studies on temperature in hot cars

    In a time-lapse study conducted in 2002 by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a dark blue mid-sized sedan was used to test the increased temperature inside of the sedan over a one-hour period.

    The study established:

    Opening or “cracking” the windows had little effect to cool the interior.
    Two-thirds of the most rapid heating occurred in the first 20 minutes.
    Vehicle interior color was probably the biggest factor in how quickly the interior temperature increased.
    Even when outside temperatures averaged 61 F during the first hour of testing, the inside of a parked car could exceed 105 F.

    What all owners must understand is that a car is essentially a metal box. On an 85-degree day, interior temperatures can climb over 100 degrees in only ten minutes and can jump to 120 degrees in half an hour. Even in cooler weather, the inside of a car may be as much as 20 degrees hotter than the outdoors—easily reaching 90 degrees on a 70-degree day. A shady parking spot, bowl of water or even an open window are insufficient measures to counteract the deadly effects of these temperatures.

    It’s hard enough to imagine ourselves being trapped in a hot car, but pets have special challenges. Dogs and cats cool off primarily by panting—not by sweating—and their systems can become overwhelmed quickly. The rising temperature increases their heart and respiratory rates and can cause seizures as well and harm to vital organs resulting in permanent injury or death. Every moment that passes and every increase in temperature dramatically decreases an animal’s chances for survival.

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    Leaving an animal in a hot car like that is just cruel :/ Some people even leave their kids in cars.

    You have to note that animals are typically not allowed in food establishments and grocery stores, but you can usually leave the car/ac running.
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