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Thread: USB Tethering to PC with LG V60 5G

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    USB Tethering to PC with LG V60 5G

    Hi there. Super noob here.
    Anyway, long story short the Comfort Suites Im staying in till I move into my new place has broken WIFI hardware!
    I discovered the sheer majesty of the USB tethering to PC method and now thanks to 5G I am getting 150MB speeds.
    Thing is I was getting up to 200MB before I was a dope and optimized with TCPOptimizer.

    Any geniuses out there know what I should do? Roll back the settings or are there tweak settings for USB tethering boost?

    Thanks a million

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    You can always roll back the settings from the TCP Optimizer "Windows Default" radio button, or reset Winsock and TCP/IP from the File menu and start fresh.

    Still, note that cell broadband/tethering is unreliable, you are prone to a lot of traffic spikes, lag, interference, etc. It depends on many factors. Still, try with the TCP Optimizer default and optimal settings, and see if that makes a difference, that's a good start.
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