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Thread: Need help connecting a wired device to a hotspot

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    Need help connecting a wired device to a hotspot

    Hi all- new user here so I hope this is the right spot to ask my question. Plz redirect me if not. Heres my problem. I just bought a 3D smart tv on offerup. Great deal so I thought until I brought it home and realized it only connects to the internet thru an ethernet cable. I use a hotspot for my internet connection at home so my question is - what is the simplest way to connect my tv to the internet using either my phones hot spot or public wifi?
    ** I've tried mirroring my phone screen using a c port to hdmi cable and I couldnt get it to work & I tried ordering a wifi adapter for the tv but panasonic doesnt make the dongle that goes in the adapter made for my tv anymore. Ive heard a wifi extender or a bridge would work but it sounded like some programming is involved & Im more of a pnp type gal. Help?

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    Hi, welcome to SG. You may need to connect some type of WiFi "Client" device to that Ethernet port.
    There are a number of small "travel routers" that can operate in "wireless client" mode, that means getting the internet connection wirelessly, and sending it via the ethernet cable to the TV. They also need USB power usually, and are quite small. Something like that would do it:
    The idea is to put it in "client" mode, but it may require some setup before it works. You may have to connect to its web interface to tell it which Wi-Fi hotspot to use, the Wi-Fi password, etc. The good part of that setup is that it is independent of your TV, it should work for all TVs, and it may have other uses.

    Another option, if your TV model supports it, is to get a USB WiFi adapter and plug it to one of the USB ports in the back, but that is very dependent on your exact TV model, and whether it supports that functionality. Not all adapters would work either.

    I am afraid most options would require some tinkering

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    You can get pure wireless bridges, they won't do any routing or firewalling, so on paper...a little faster.
    I have not used this brand, but it's just a quick example for you...
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    Thanks so much for the quick replies guys. I will check em both out and make my decision then. Really appreciate the help 😀

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