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Thread: TCPOptimizer 4 and 64bits PCs

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    TCPOptimizer 4 and 64bits PCs

    I'm using the latest version (4-2021) and it seems ther's no different version for 32/64 bits.
    On 64bits PCs, TCPOptimizer seems to read/write the HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node registry tree.
    This cause the read of wrong or inexistent registry keys and values, and the app incorrectly shows defaults when the key is not found (but it exists in the 64bit tree). And can create a mess writing new values in the wrong tree.
    This happens, for example, for "NetworkThrottlingIndex" and "SystemResponsiveness" (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile), inexistent in Wow6432Node but it exists in the 64bit reg tree, and for other keys too.
    At least on my Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.
    Is it correct, in your opinion, that TCPOptimizer uses Wow6432Node on 64bits machines?

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    Hmmmm... maybe I have a mess in my registry. This could be another possibility.

    The doubt comes from this reg key in the 64bit registry tree:
    where the value for "explorer.exe" is 4.

    But I have the same reg key in the Wow6432Node too:
    where the value for "explorer.exe" is 10.

    TCPOptimizer is getting this value (from the Wow6432Node), showing "10" in MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server.

    Now I have another doubt.
    Which value will be used by the network (10 or 4)?
    Where TCPOptimizer will write the value if I change it, in 64bit tree or in Wow6432Node tree?

    I'm really depressed.

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    The values that the TCP Optimizer writes are either with PowerShell cmdlets, netsh, or directly into the registry. When you set your values and hit "Apply Changes", the following screen shows exactly where it applies the changes.
    The values that it reads at startup are mostly PowerShell cmdlets as well, so it depends on what hive your OS is reporting.

    Under Windows 10 Pro/Home x64 it does not write to the WOW6432Node.

    If you see any errors, please feel free to write here. As to the MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server: This is only used by Internet Explorer, not Chrome or Edge. You can write it to both keys, it will not do any harm, but not many people use IE as a browser these days.
    Linux is user friendly, it's just picky about its friends...
    Disclaimer: Please use caution when opening messages, my grasp on reality may have shaken loose during transmission (going on rusty memory circuits).

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