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Thread: Mic issue Steelseries Siberia V2 (200)

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    Mic issue Steelseries Siberia V2 (200)


    I've had this headset for a long time and this problem started one or two days ago. I use Discord App as voip when the headset would suddenly stop receiving from the mic and it would be solved with a few restarts for the app. But today that didn't solve it. The sound still works, just not the mic.

    On MSI GT60
    Windows 10
    Steelseries Siberia v2 or 200 (with two input jacks for mic/audio)
    Realtek HD audio manager (software)

    I have tried: (Headset itself does not have drivers)
    Boosted mic level to +100/Bass to +20
    Reinstalling Discord app
    Reinstalling Realtek HD Audio Driver/manager (Before I reinstalled Realtek, I also tested with just Microsoft audio)
    Scanning for updates through device manager > Audio inputs and outputs (Currently in there are *Microphone (Realtek HD Audio), *Speakers (Realtek HD Audio)
    Ran the sound recorder troubleshooter
    Enabled 'Default Device' in Sound> Recording> microphone
    Restarted computer

    So I got a temporary fix by doing troubleshooting

    But for some reason, the temp fix used my laptop's built-in mic when I disabled audio effects.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to include as much info as possible but comment if you need more. Thanks!

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    I've had this headset a long time
    Rang a bell as soon as I read the first few words. It's quite possible you're looking in all the wrong places, and it just might be the wire to the mic has had enough of being twisted around and now it's not getting a connection due to a cracked wire. That's what happens with headsets. They start intermittently, then don't work at all.

    Just a thought, It could be something else, but since it has been used for a long time it is not only possible, but probable as well.

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    I think Norm hit the nail on the head. Maybe just time for a new one.

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