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Thread: Port Triggering

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    Port Triggering

    Can someone explain it to me? I know port forwarding just fine, but find Triggering a bit more difficult to utilize.

    Here is the example I'd like to use:

    Trigger ports: 8000~9443
    Target ports: 8008~8888

    What would I be doing by activating that set?

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    Port forwarding is generally used to reach one local computer, as you need to specify the target IP address (or hostname).

    Port triggering is dynamic port forwarding. It can open ports temporarily and close them when not in use.
    With port triggering, the NAT router monitors traffic to the internet from outbound "trigger" port(s). When it finds such traffic, the router remembers the IP address of the local computer, and temporarily opens the "target" incoming port(s) to that same local IP.

    Port triggering can be used to open the same ports/ranges to reach multiple local computers (not at the same time), as ports are dynamically closed when not in use.

    In your example, the router would listen for outbound traffic on ports 8000-9443, and when/if it finds some outgoing traffic on any of those ports from one local computer, it would temporarily forward ports 8008-8888 to it.

    I hope this helps.
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