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Thread: gittin jiggy

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    Gone Camping
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    gittin jiggy

    Man i want camping season....fricking winter wont end
    when i drive home from work, sign says turn right for the territories, tun left for alaska......
    man it sucks living here sometimes, looks like its gonna break soon
    getting trailer ready to go into full on every weekend mode.
    built a new heating system this winter water heat hydronics.... diesel fired boiler with hot water rads. seems to be ok, minus 10 right now trailer is a toasty 72

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    Yeah long time of being cooped up. Ready for spring is right!

    You sold that Honda bike you rebuilt? I enjoyed following the work you did on that....some cool stuff!
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    It was high of ~85 down here today... Water is still a chilly 62 degrees though.
    Linux is user friendly, it's just picky about its friends...
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