I'm stumped.

I have 2 64gb USB sticks that are a few years old and I want to use them with my new raspberry pi 4b 8gb.
Building a mobile PC with onboard power for use travelling on my bike.

The problem is, I encrypted them both using LUKS when installing Linux long ago.
I tried every password I may have used (and variations), no luck.
I've tried off and on for the last 2 years to search for answers. Got many, tried them all, no luck.
Once LUKS is used, the sticks are unreadable, or writeable without the passphrase.
Super security
Not sure it's even possible. But I never give up...

I don't need any of the data, files etc. I just want use of the usb sticks again.

Anyone know of a sure fire method to clean these sticks, and use them again?