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Thread: Local transients...

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    Local transients...

    We've always had a large transient population in my town.

    Most are harmless, some are annoying, a few just deserve a big ass reality check.

    Bank run for the store today. They've only allowed one or two customers in at a time for several months, so first in a line outside.

    Dude asks each of us for spare change as he walks by, says that's what he gets (nothing) for asking white trash mf'ers for money, then hawks up a loogie
    and spits it on a brand new Mini Cooper parked right next to the front door from maybe 4 inches. Right on the driver's window.

    Probably figured it belonged to one of us?

    I'm sure being homeless by circumstances sucks, but he looked like it was by choice and I'm pissed at how f'cking entitled and disgusting he was.

    Not shocked, I see it every day, just pissed.

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    About 2-3 years ago there was a homeless encampment along the Santa Ana River Trail in Orange County, Calif. Along the stretch adjacent to Angels Stadium there had to have been at least 2000 homeless living along the edge of the flood control channel. To make a long story short, the Feds got involved with the city and agreed that they have to move. Part of the deal was that they were going to be given 90 days free residency in local Motels while they were able to try and get their things in order. They were even offered free bus rides to the Motels. Something like 60% of them refused the offer and preferred to live on the street.

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    Many of them have some issues that caused them to fall through the cracks, like substance abuse, mental disorders, criminal history, lack of education/will, etc. Ultimately, it is a societal issue imho, our safety net for such (re)occurrences is not working. It's a complex problem, I don't think there is a simple answer to it. Still, many developed countries seem to have a better handle on it.

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