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Thread: Windows Defender Updates

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    Question Windows Defender Updates

    Is there any way to have Windows Defender Updates install automatically? I'm pretty sure I have my update settings set correctly, but unless I click on check for updates they don't show. For example, this morning I did a manual check for updates during my hours of operation and nothing came up. 2 hours later I check it again and there is a Defender update available. I'd really like to have these updates installed silently and automatically. What can I do to enable this function? Of hand the only think I can think of is to create a task that searches and runs the update engine every hour.

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    I think they install automatically, just not often enough when left alone. There are multiple ways to make it update more often..

    See this:

    You can also set a new Task in Task Scheduler, if you prefer:
    The program/script to start should be: "C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe"
    The "Add arguments" field should have this in it: -SignatureUpdate
    Then set your interval... I haven't tested it, but that should do it.
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