Hello and good day to everyone at speedguide.
This is going to sound like an advertisement because, well, it is.
I'm hoping my status here as a senior member allows me the privilege of promoting this here.
And I believe there may be a few people here who could absolutely love it as much as I do.
It took the boredom of isolation away for me, and has since given me tons of things to do.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about Basic programming, like the old days of Basic, but much much better and far far faster execution. Basic as many of you know is an easy language to pick up, even for a person who has never even tried to do any programming. The old Basic was interpreted, this "Just Basic" is compiled.
I remember years ago a thread here where many members posted a few lines of Basic, so I know there are some here who can already work in the language.

A little about Just Basic --
I won't post a link to the forums. It is easy enough to find. And very helpful members there as well.

It is an IDE with color coded text to help highlight commands, variable, strings, etc.
It has a Form editor something like a trimmed down Visual Basic form editor where you can add buttons (with pictures too), check boxes, text boxes, radio buttons, group boxes, graphics boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, and a text editor (yes a built in text editor already made to add to your code if need be).
Also within the Form editor dwells a code generator to provide the code (shell) for the Form you build that helps to learn the syntax so you can just write your own once you catch on to the syntax.

In the IDE editor (where you write the code) there are options to debug your code, add external apps to the menu that you may want at hand, and to compile/Run your code. Of course there is much more to Just Basic, but I just want to provide some Basics (pun intended) to give you a good idea of it's capabilities, because they are limitless on a Windows PC, especially if you know Windows like most of us here do. Within the language of Just Basic one of the commands "Run" can pass tasks to CMD.EXE eg: run "cmd.exe /c start mspaint.exe", or use run to start one of your own projects, or any of the many Windows built in programs, and settings, plus run any exe file, not to mention editing the registry through cmd.exe etc etc etc (limitless, hear me?). There is also a built in, fairly extensive help file (html format for easy manoeuvring through it.).

You can do graphics, make games, use math as well to draw graphics, using 24 bit color, add pictures, use sprites, the list is long. One command allows mouse tracking (great for games), another scans the keyboard for input, and joystick support (gamers heaven)

You can access com ports to control external hardware.

Along with all the above and much more, links are provided to example code, forums, archives (this program is a few years old), recently (2 years ago) updated to Just basic v2.0.

Another reason I am promoting this is because, if the lack of new interest in this keeps drying up, there may never be another update. You see, the owners/developers have decided to use their time for their latest compilers, like Liberty Basic and Run Basic, which are paid for versions. Just Basic is free, and no royalties if you decide to distribute your apps and get paid for them (using JB's own dll files), and it's really all anyone would ever need to program just about anything on a Windows PC. In fact, I run it in Wine on Linux and it works just as well there too.

I ran into this gem a couple of months ago, and have already created a few programs with it that will run on any Windows machine. It's easy especially if you did some basic in "the old days", but still easy enough for the new guys\gals. My head is spinning with tons of ideas for the future.

Any way, that's that. I hope you guys like it, or at least give it a try. I think some of you will take to it like getting back on a bycycle. Be warned though, it's oject oriented, and a bit (just a bit) different than the old Basic.

Take care my friends, and if you, Philip decide to remove this post it will sadden me, but I'll understand
Sometimes rules are rules no matter who you are

peace out

P.S. I do NOT post this for any monetary gain, nor am I affiliated in any way with Just Basic.
I just want to share something that has got me excited, and help keep Just Basic alive that is all, and it's the truth.

If you take this down Philip, I heard someone say speedguide will be down for a month.
Ok, maybe I didn't hear that, but I heard some one might hate you if you do