I guess it may be due to the fact that nowadays people are trying to game the system even more than ever... But holy cow, I just applied for a $30 rebate from Asus for a video card I just bought and they make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Not only do you have to fill out the online form (which contains all the info including serial number) but then they make you print the form, sign it, include a copy of the original invoice (which was electronically sent to them when I applied online) and then you cut out the UPC label and send that in with all the other forms... and then they tell you to use the preprinted address label, because if you don't use their label they can't guarantee it will be delivered to the correct department.

I realize they may be protecting themselves from people who would just go into a store and copy down serial numbers, or buy something, return it and apply for the rebate. But they know where I bought it (NewEgg) and I'm sure they have a relationship with NE where as they could confirm if a return had happened. I know I'm just complaining, but it sure did seem excessive.