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Thread: optimum 1gbps keeps disconnecting ASUS RT-AC86U

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    optimum 1gbps keeps disconnecting ASUS RT-AC86U

    hi, im trying to get any help so a few months ago i upgraded my internet from 300mbps to 1gbps i currently have a ASUS RT-AC86U ever since i upgraded my internet goes out atleast 3 times a day for a few minutes before upgrading this never happen before. i have some technicians from optimum come check it out and they said the reason is because im not allow to use a separate router and the optimum modem/router together

    any help or thoughts is appreciated

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    Hello, welcome to SG.

    First of all, they are wrong - you should be able to use your ISP's gateway/modem/router and your own, as long as they are properly configured. ISPs just don't like it, and they do not support another router because it complicates troubleshooting for them. Your equipment will always the first culprit that is blamed, you can safely ignore that, but be persistent to get the issue fixed. That said your router has to be properly configured, the Asus RT-AC86U is a very capable device, with good processor and plenty of RAM.

    Even though it is likely an issue is with optimum line, or equipment at your location, it may be a good idea to eliminate the possibility that it is your router - you can do that by connecting via Ethernet directly to their router. You may also want to monitor whether their router, and their ONT loses connectivity, or just the Asus router.

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    and when connecting via ethernet, try a different cable maybe a either a CAT5e or CAT6 cable (not CAT5)

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    I think you should contact ASUS techical support team in this regard. They will help you out.

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