I've promised Mrs. Easto a new kitchen. We got great a reliable contractor who came in with a great price. I've put in about 40 hours scouring websites looking for the brand and style of appliances we wanted. We've been to the flooring store and agreed on what we want. We have the window covering girl coming by to give us some ideas. The contractor has given us a start date about 2 weeks in advance, monies have been moved into the checking account, now all I have to do is order the appliances and get them here.

I go online to the local appliance store, pick out everything and put it in my cart. After the purchase a message pops up saying someone will be contacting me regarding the delivery day etc. I'm thinking no big deal, we're not starting for 2 weeks and this stuff won't be installed until at least the 2nd week of the job, so I'm sitting pretty. To make a long story short, one of the items may not be available until mid February. 2 of them probably not until December, WTF! So, after cancelling the order and trying to find out who might be carrying the items we want, I find out that the whole appliance industry has slowed down to a snails pace regarding logistics and availability and this happens to be a well know fact from whoever I talk to. The contractor has been told that we're still doing it but it won't be until the first of next year.

I know you will all have suggestions. But we know what we want and that's what we're going with. Mrs. Easto even said, this is what she wanted and if we have to wait we have to wait.