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Thread: Anyone want to recommend a decent scanner?

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    Question Anyone want to recommend a decent scanner?

    Over the last year or 2 I've found myself needing to scan several documents. Just things where a photo of the document just won't cut it. I don't really need anything that is photo reproduction capable, but since I'm pretty sure that scanners have evolved into an all-in-one item I'll probably get those features needed or not. Wireless would be nice, but not required. Although I'm sure they've evolved to the point where everything is wireless whether you need it or not.

    Is it possible to keep this under $150? I'm throwing this out there before I start to surf for reviews. I just wanted the communities opinions and recommendations.

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    I use an old Brother MFC 8460n. it is a little bit of setup and the newer stuff scans to a folder in pdf. That is what you want to find...get a black and white laser printer...They last forever

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    I use a Brother MFC 9460cdn, I've had it for a few years. It is a multi-function device, including color laser printer, fax (rarely needed these days), and scanner, both flatbed and feeding single sheets. For a standalone scanner I'd check either Epson or Canon, those are the big names. You can probably find an used Epson Perfection Photo scanner for under $100 on fleabay, or a new Canon scanner on Amazon.
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    I got a Canon LiDE 400. I didn't need any multifunction utilities. About twice a year we find a need where something we have needs to be scanned and I needed something to fill that gap. We do have several large documents (Trust) that I'd like to scan but that's going to take some time. So far after about 10 scans I can say I'm happy with it.

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