Howdy, all!

Long story short, the whole pandemic thing tossed some chaos into our day-to-day and who knows how long this whole working remotely thing is going to go on. When things went sideways the decision was made (which I objected to) to send the whole Engineering Department home with their workstations and dual monitor setups, to which I replied "OK, but for that to work you'll need to set up a VPN or something so they can access network resources". Were it me I would have had them leave their systems at work and remote in with TeamViewer or maybe AnyDesk. Water under the bridge, I suppose.

Problem: horrifically slow throughput across the SonicWall (wasn't my decision) SSL VPN. Like, 1 to 2Mbit/sec. Network shared Excel files frequently need to be opened in protected mode. Access loses it's mind more than is pleasant. If nobody else is connected via VPN, a single user can be kinda productive. During normal business hours people struggle.

WAN link is 200/20Mbps. Clients on the local network have no issues.

I know VPNs are always going to be slower than the line speed but this is ridiculous. From what I have read, SonicWall's implementation of VPN is the culprit in our case.

So I guess my question is, without having the engineers all bring their systems back to work and then remote in, what would be a practical alternative? Since the working remotely thing may come to an end in a month or two (or go on for another year, for all I can guess), I am hesitant to recommend spending a bunch of money on a solution. Would there be a VPN appliance we could set alongside the SonicWall that would have better throughput? I could probably get the powers that be to drop maybe $1000 to $1500 on a fix but that's about it. Or would there be other options?

Advice would be greatly appreciated.