2014 Honda Accord LX with 55K miles.
We purchased this car new. I know that after 6 years and 55k miles I really shouldn't expect anything to be wrong with it... and I'm glad to say it runs like a top. We've taken the car on a couple of 1000 miles vacations and the thought of anything going wrong never enters my mind. I am really happy with our choice. I have no doubts that this car will see 200K and still be running like a champ.

2011 Cadillac DTS with 54K miles.
I inherited this car when my father passed away. He always had any required work done on it at the dealership. Some of these models with the Northstar engines get a bad wrap, but I have to say that this car is bone dry underneath and does not throw out any trouble codes. To me, it runs and feels as if it was new. I've only had to do regular maintenance on it. Although we may be getting near a new set of struts and shocks, that is about the only mildly expensive repair I can see coming my way. I think I've got a really solid build here.