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    Cool Finally committing to a new build

    The New PC

    I've just started my slow journey toward a new computer build. I purchased a couple of 1tb Crucial MX500 SSDs, One will be used for internal backups and the other will be used in an external docking station for "off-site" backups (more on my backup strategy and procedures in another thread). The next several purchases will include a mid-level video card (no real gamming for me) and a audio recording interface. I can buy these items first and take them for a test run in my current rig to ensure I wasn't sent a dud.

    As far as CPUs go...
    I may opt for a lower wattage model but I'm still on the fence about that. I am currently running a Core I5 2500 and anything is going to seem like an out of this world upgrade. I'm hoping with the release of new AMD processors in November that the current models will take a slight price drop.

    Here is the mobo I've been looking at.

    I will populate it with 2 - 1tb M.2 Nvme Gen 4 drives. The Gen 4 spec is going to bring the price up a bit. I'm really leaning towards the new Samsung's that are about to hit the market. I usually don't go "bleeding edge" for equipment but I think I might splurge and get myself these. In order to save a few $$ I may install a 500g as the OS and program drive and then the 1tb for my pictures and audio files that I create when recording.

    I will then install at least 32gig of 3200 memory. I still have to check the Asus QVL to ensure I get the correct memory. I'm still on the fence about going with some faster memory that I could do a slight overclock on. I'm not really interested in overclocking, but I wouldn't mind "tickling" it up a bit. I'm open to suggestions regarding that.
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