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Thread: Disabling Network Throttling Index makes lose internet connection

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    Disabling Network Throttling Index makes lose internet connection

    Hi, I'm on Win 7 64. Optimizing internet with Tcp Optimizer really reduced lag in gaming and it's nice but the problem is that disabling Network throttling Index makes internet connection to lose sometimes, it's like it's gone and returns back again, happens not too often but still... If I set NTI to default then I don't have this problem, but setting it default also removes lag improvement noticeably.
    Could you please help me why this happens and what could be done?

    For the info, I also applied some other tweaks before Tcp Optimizer. I have set value of Limit Reservable bandwidth to 0 in Gpedit.msc and also Communications port setting Bits per second - 128000. Maybe these tweaks could negativele affect to Tcp Optimizer tweaks?!

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Network Throttling Index tweak depends on the particular games/apps you are using, you can always change that one setting back to the Windows defaults and test to see if it works better for you.

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    I changed Network Throttling Index back to windows defaults because as I said my internet connection get problems if I leave it disabled but setting it to default, lag improvement is also removed. That's what I'm trying to do - I want to leave Network Throttling Index disabled but don't lose the connection. The connection losing occurs randomly even when I normally surfing, not just in one particular game.

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