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Thread: MS Office 2019 purchase

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    Question MS Office 2019 purchase

    Can someone recommend an online retailer to purchase a stand alone version of Microsoft Office 2019 from?

    I seem to see a lot of variation in pricing from some of the more shady sites. I basically need the home and business version that has word, excel and outlook. Buying a stand alone version is a little less expensive than going with a 365 subscription. So I think I'll put it off the 365 subscription for another 5 years tell office 2019 reaches its end of life

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    All I can say is be very careful with most of the Amazon/online sellers, they use shady unauthorized activations/key servers.

    Office Home & Business 2019 is $249 directly from MS, as low as $229 from Newegg directly, etc. You may see a bit better deal on sale for Labor Day/Black Friday I suppose. If you see it at half price from some third-party vendor it's pretty much using illegal activation codes.
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