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Thread: Hidden device in my network

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    Hidden device in my network

    I have an access point device in my network and its IP address is not listed anywhere I was able to check. I use a tp-link Archer A7 router and this device is an old Belkin router that I use as an access point.
    Is there a way to search by the device's MAC address and be able to find its IP address?

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    Google Angry IP Scanner and download that...Run in in your IP range and it should give you your Ip address of the Belkin

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    You can just try the default IP addresses for the Belkin router (when set as an access point). If you are outside of the wifi range of the main router and connected to the Belkin AP, you may be able to get its IP address in command prompt by typing "ipconfig /all" and see what the IP address of the gateway is. This may only show the main router though, depending on your configuration.

    In command prompt, also try "arp -a". This will show you IP addresses on your network that are reachable, along with their MAC addresses. You can then look them up using our MAC/OUI tool to identify them:
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