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Thread: 2007 Jeep Liberty

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    Well? Come on HUMBY, spill it!!!!!!!

    How are you liking it? What have you done to it?

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    Hey Ken

    Loving it, just taking a while to get used to.

    Never liked automatics, feels like all you're doing is steering. No feel for being in control over the vehicle.

    No regrets though. Great price and handles well.

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    One funny thing from a couple weeks ago...valet mode=WTF?

    Left my store after work and put my stuff into the Jeep before doing some grocery shopping.

    Used the key manually instead of the key fob.

    Unlocked it fine but set off the alarm...didn't know it had one.

    Shut the alarm off by closing the door and using the fob to unlock, whatever.

    Went shopping came back, headed home but couldn't accelerate past about 20mph.

    Luckily I take a 1/2 mile side street first instead of just hopping on the highway.

    Pulled over to let people doing the 25mph speed limit pass me, tried reverse, pulled into a parking lot and did a few laps, nothing.

    Figured water in the gas, clogged filter, something mechanical.

    Got on the phone with the owner of the store, who I bought it from. He thought maybe I was in 4x4 low, or gear 1 or 2 but I wasn't.

    Mentioned setting off the alarm and he mentioned maybe I triggered valet mode (never hear of it before).

    Solved by just turning off the engine and restarting, back to normal.

    Good to know I guess, but why can't I just unlock the damn door with the key without setting off the alarm and arming the damned valet mode?

    Any thoughts? Aftermarket so the manual doesn't cover it.

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    My car has a Valet mode switch in the glove compartment. I'm sure there is somewhere inside the car that you can enable or disable that function. I have a separate valet key that I give to a valet. That only allows him in the driver side door and to start the car. He has no access to the glove compartment or trunk.

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    If it is aftermarket install your best bet is to learn from the previous owner how to activate/deactivate it correctly. Most factory versions are more intuitive, they usually have a second "valet" key, or a button with limitations as Easto explains.

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