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Thread: Xbox One E200 Error

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    Xbox One E200 Error

    Okay, so when I try to turn on my Xbox and it starts up on the green screen then after a couple of minutes its turns to a black screen with loads of writing saying System Error E200 00000074 00000000.
    Anyone fix this error yet?

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    This is usually caused by a failed update, or some type of crash. Try resetting the Xbox by holding down the power button for 10+ seconds to turn off. Then turn it back on.

    You could also try the "Troubleshoot" menu --> Hold the "BIND and EJECT" buttons for 15 seconds to start it, you should hear two chimes and it should start into a troubleshoot menu. There is an option to reset it, or do an "Offline system update", you'd need a USB stick for that.

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    Okay i get the problem and solved it.
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