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Thread: Windows 10 updates

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    Windows 10 updates

    Both in April and then in May there were problems with Windows 10 updates. They broke more than they fixed and a patch for the update was required. So how do you go about it? Once the notification of a new Windows update pops up, do you install it right away or wait to see how it fares? I have an automatic download scheduled but I am the one to decide on the time of installation, however often it is an imaginary choice as it will install itself when turning off the computer. Have you faced problem with Windows updates? What is a best way of going about it to install or to wait? Can I even skip something entirely?

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    I usually let Windows 10 do its updates. There were many more issues with bad Windows 7 updates, some very recently after support for it ended.

    You can delay Windows 10 updates from the Settings menu, under: Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options button > Use the "Pause until" drop-down menu and select when to resume automatic updates.

    You can prevent updates by stopping the service: Run "services.msc" > select "Windows Update" service > change the "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and restart the machine.

    There are more detailed instructions in our FAQ here:
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