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Thread: Required internet speed to work from home....??

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    Required internet speed to work from home....??

    Hi everyone,

    My wife and I are moving house and will both be working from home. Our jobs require us to call clients from software on our laptops. We'll both be working at the same time. As well as this it needs to be fast enough to stream Netflix etc and we both have iphones which will be connected to the wifi.
    I am thinking of going with Hyperotic Broadband which is 50mbps. Has anyone used this company before? Is this going to do the job?


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    Generally, audio streaming uses about 100 kbps (0.1 Mbps), while high-definition video conferencing uses about 2 Mbps. There are some more detailed numbers here:

    The caveat with most residential broadband is that the upstream (upload) bandwidth is much lower, sometimes 10 times lower than download. They also quote you "up to 50 Mbps", which means that it is shared/oversubscribed bandwidth that during peak times may crawls down to much lower speeds. Just some things to watch out for.

    Audio conferencing should not be a problem on broadband connections though, it should be more than enough.
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