I'm going to take a stab at networking 2 of the computers (PC) here at the house. Before I go any further I should explain my goal. I have my PC connected to my Asus router via a cable. My wife's PC is currently using one of the wireless guest networks. Can I connect a wireless to a wired system? See, I told you I was a noob. I'm thinking I need to take hers off the Guest network and use the main wireless account?

I have 3 guest network channels, for the TV, iPad, phones and relatives.

So... where do I begin? Make the network public or private? Enable file sharing and discovery? What exactly is the process and how do I test that I'm doing it correctly? I'm also considering giving her PC access only to a particular drive and/or folder i.e. pics etc.

I know you may be sitting there chuckling thinking that this is way too easy. But like I said, with my OCD regarding security and never really doing this I need some help in order to ensure I'm doing it right.