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Thread: Ok, I'm going to network 2 computers!

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    Question Ok, I'm going to network 2 computers!

    I'm going to take a stab at networking 2 of the computers (PC) here at the house. Before I go any further I should explain my goal. I have my PC connected to my Asus router via a cable. My wife's PC is currently using one of the wireless guest networks. Can I connect a wireless to a wired system? See, I told you I was a noob. I'm thinking I need to take hers off the Guest network and use the main wireless account?

    I have 3 guest network channels, for the TV, iPad, phones and relatives.

    So... where do I begin? Make the network public or private? Enable file sharing and discovery? What exactly is the process and how do I test that I'm doing it correctly? I'm also considering giving her PC access only to a particular drive and/or folder i.e. pics etc.

    I know you may be sitting there chuckling thinking that this is way too easy. But like I said, with my OCD regarding security and never really doing this I need some help in order to ensure I'm doing it right.

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    You kind of answered your won question... --> take her off the guest network and add her to the main network.

    Usually, the way it works is the guest wireless network only has internet access, and can't see each other's network shared folders. They also don't have access to networked printers, etc.

    Connect her to the main wireless network and enable "File and Print Sharing". Also, choose the network to be "Private Network". The main wireless network should have access to your wired network, they are usually configured to be visible to each other by default.

    Once she is connected to the main network, and her "File and Print Sharing" is turned on, in Windows Explorer you should be able to see her computer name under "Network". You can also right-click on certain folders and choose "Sharing" to make them visible on your local network. You can also share printers, etc.

    Just ask if you get stuck.
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    That actually makes sense. Thank you.

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