Hi guys first post here. So I have Zito Media. I previously had 100Mbps/10Mbps. Recently upgraded my Plan to 1000Mbps/50Mbps. I have had nothing but issues since I did. The tech who installed it brought the new modem in unplugged the old one and plugged the new one in. I asked if that was it he said yep. Should take about 15Min and it will be up and running. Didn't even wait around to test it. This was around my lunch hour (Friday) so i left back to work. When i got home the internet was not working. I restarted the modem. still nothing. upstream downstream lights were blinking blue. Called Zito they said my modem was still downloading the firmware and was taking longer than usual to complete. they checked into it a little more and found that my signal levels were really low. They said give it overnight and see what its doing tomorrow. Next morning (Saturday) Great the Internet is working speeds no where near 1000Mbps and not even the 60% they guarantee. But hey im getting 400Mbps down so i wasn't complaining to much. (Sunday afternoon) Internet goes out i restart the modem wait for it to sync back up no internet. I call and they tell me my signal levels are really low and this is due to a amplifier in my area that is also creating issues for 5 other nodes according to them. They put out a maintenance request and get it completed Monday afternoon. Monday after work the internet is not working but signal levels are fine but not the best. I call and they start running some tests... They say my modem is perfectly fine and I should have internet. They start going through the normal troubleshooting steps with me... Check cables, plug directly into modem no router in-line. I can ping google.com and get consistent ping time. No internet traffic. "very Odd" Spend about 1hr30min on the phone with this tech support they are starting to get fed up and start questioning me and my equipment. I explained I have 6 different devices that were all able to browse the internet over the weekend and all of a sudden they can't and its my equipment no no no.... So I finally say ok run a speed test from your side and tell me what speeds im getting. She huffs and puts me on hold. Shes being very rude at this point. She gets back on and explains ok yeah we do see an issue with the modem im putting a tier 2 request in give it 24/48 hrs and call back. so i have no internet for 4 days. I finally get ahold out of desperation a 6db attenuator and put it inline. Shockingly I have internet now signal levels vary from -4.00dBvm to -6.700dBvm between all 32 channels. I leave it alone because the internet is working around 480Mbps/10Mbps all fine and dandy as long as i have internet. call back about 6 days later they said there was a signal level issues but it has been resolved via maintenance request. I said great. so i unplug the 6db attenuator plug modem back in and its exactly the same as before. No upload download whatsoever and signal levels are range from 0.700dBmv all the way to 1.800dBmv. I explain to them I have a 6db attenuator that I can put back on and test they say its here nor there and it probably wont fix anything. Surprisingly enough i get it plugged back in the modem syncs up and I magically have internet again. Word for word the lady goes. Thank you for calling Zito Media Have a great day and hangs up on me. I call back and get another person who was obviously filled in. He says well we have a ticket to tier 2 technicians and they will look into it.

Serious Internet issues with Zito media After upgrading to Gigabit internet. Possible Signal level issues/Giving me the run around due to problems and trying to buy time.. Can't get them to admit its a signal level issues. explained by putting a 6db attenuator in line and it working just fine. without 6db attenuator it drops off and is terrible without it.
Any suggestions

(1): Questionable Signal levels
(2): Internet is off and on throughout the day
(3): Questionable Technicians ability to fix issues.
(4): I believe there internet is having serious issues and they are coming up with these "Problems" to by time