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Thread: IP address keeps changing

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    IP address keeps changing

    My ip keeps changing?
    I rebooted the router as well and it works for like 10 mins then starts happening again. I checked the ip address last time on but it kept showing the same ip for 30 mins until I tried a different ip address <link removed> then I saw that my ipv4 was changing very frequently. But is this normal? It never happened with me before.

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    Yup, residential broadband accounts are usually "dynamic" often get a new IP address each time you reboot your broadband router. More often with phone company (DSL) types of broadband, as cable broadband typically has longer DHCP lease times.

    When you get a "business" broadband account, you usually have options such as getting assigned a "static IP" it doesn't change. Typically comes with a higher cost...but usually many other benefits with a business account versus residential.
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    I had the same thing and at the same time it was blocked everywhere because of this. I called a specialist to configure it because I myself could not cope with the reboot and configuration.

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