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Thread: Happy Memorial Day!

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    Cool Happy Memorial Day!

    Mrs. Easto and I are spending the day here at home by ourselves. Probably take a walk through the park this morning. I cleaned our backyard a couple of days ago... weeding, cultivating and trimming, so it will look nice while we're out their BBq'ing. It's a small backyard and not really made for entertaining, but at least it will look nice while we're out there cooking. Other than that it looks like another Covid-19 avoidance day for us. It's great that some of the restrictions are starting to come down, but we're still not comfortable going out in any of the crowds today.

    To all our members who are serving or who have served our country... THANK YOU!

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    I went to a sailboat regatta with a friend of mine on his boat on Saturday from Jacksonville to St. Augustine, FL (about 30 miles South on the ocean). Slept down there at the municipal marina, came back late last night, we had a blast. Today I worked a bit around the house, had some burgers, nothing exciting.

    I am with you, Thanks to everyone who served!

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    I tried to slip on my USMC dress blues today. They must have shrunk over the years. My son cooked up some nice burgers and we had a good time.
    People will forget what you said... and people will forget what you did... but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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