Forgive me if my questions sound stupid but I'm relatively new to all this internet stuff. I don't know what is good internet speeds and I don't know what download and upload MB really mean. I don't have a whole lot of options for internet in*the rural area that I live in. I'm hoping you guys can assist me... please and thank you

Currently, I have a DSL (phone line) internet plan of the following:

12 MB download / 6MB upload = $39.95 a month

I have since been looking to switch my internet provider to a business that uses wireless technology to transmit its internet to its customers by a receiver. This is NOT A SATELLITE based service but rather they transmit their internet signal by way of transmission equipment on several different grain elevators, water towers, and tall buildings, located in more than 25 communities in the area.

Their internet plans include the following:

10 MB download / 2 MB upload = $45.00 a month
25 MB download / 5 MB upload = $55.00 a month
50 MB download / 10 MB upload = $65.00 a month

I am looking for the fastest internet as possible of the options that I have listed. Could you guys be so kind as to guide me to the fastest internet option? And I'm older so could you also please give me a short explanation?

Thanks so much in advance for any help in this matter.