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Thread: HP Omen versus Dell XPS Mid-Level Gaming Machine Opinion

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    HP Omen versus Dell XPS Mid-Level Gaming Machine Opinion

    Curious if anyone has opinions on buying an HP OMEN versus Dell XPS mid-level gaming machines. These 2 machines are roughly the same price $1800 CAD ($1250 USD). What I don't like about some Dell PCs in the past is they have limitations as far as upgrades (extremely basic & stupid BIOS creates most of the limitations, small PSU, few expansion slots, space limitations for video cards and in 1 case was surprised one model didn't seem upgradable to Windows 10 no drivers etc.). The HP Omen has some marketing around being friendly for future upgrades maybe this has merit relative to a similar Dell or is all just marketing.

    I know that there's a million brands that I could consider. I've found both HP and Dell machines last a long time, seem to have less of the leaky capacitor problems that kill motherboards in home built PCs (I stopped building my own PCs around 2010 due to this problem maybe it has been resolved?). I've had HP PCs at a prior workplace and I found that they seemed to be stable machines. I've had 2 different Dell XPS machines, the one from 2010 is amazing and the one from 2012 is terrible (cheap bios, not upgradeable).

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    I know nothing about the HP build, but I do know that Dell does seem to offer a very limited upgrade path. For instance, their Mobo may only have 2 slots for memory and if you decided you want to increase your memory somewhere down the road you would have to purchase 16gb modules to replace the current 8gb modules and that starts to get expensive. I would have no problem with the Dell, but I would be calling both of these companies and find out what sort of upgrade path they have. How well will they accept additional drives, things like that.

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    I would find a place that lests you customize a build and drop the intel CPU for a Ryzen 5 3600 and upgrade to a 2070. Buying a 2060 right now is gonna mean that you will have to drop the graphics down on modern games, even at 1080p.

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