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Thread: Masks

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    Yep, I get new masks everyday. Only wear the N95s when at work though.

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    How about now?

    Been a couple months, wearing clean hand-made for 8+ hours workdays.

    Don't like it but doesn't phase me anymore, employees and customers have been great.

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    I got a bunch of hand made cloth masks from Etsy...supporting local people. Avoiding buying those pre-made masks from china.

    Got ones with nautical or tropical designs. one for my daughter, has a Nike swoosh with a Sloth on it and "Eventually do it" saying. (cuz she loves sloths)

    I'm used to them. Sometimes even climb back in my truck and drive away..and a while later realize I still have my mask on my face (cuz I no longer really notice it). If it's not sunny out. If it's sunny out, I'll put my sunglasses on which will fog up with my next yeah I'll then notice I still have my mask on and remove it.
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    I wear a cloth mask when entering enclosed crowded spaces. I've been trying to do that since this started. Most people weren't doing it until recently in my part of Florida. Since a month ago, new daily cases increased 10-fold, so most people seem to grasp the issue and wear masks inside now, also it has been mandated to wear them indoors in places where you can't social-distance.
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