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Thread: Getting The Best out of my Asus AC55U LTE Router

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    Getting The Best out of my Asus AC55U LTE Router

    Hiya Guys

    So I live in the countryside in the UK so Broadband is an issue BUT we have a nice 4G 3 mast just on the hill. Anyway I have been wanting to try and get the best out of the Asus AC55U I bought as occasionally it drops 4G signal and only picks it back up again if I reboot it. Thankfully this is not an hourly occurrence, more like 2 or 3 times per week.

    So I was looking for any tips and also for some help on the advanced settings for my Intel WiFi card too please. Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
    If im on the Realtek lan card that also drops occasionally but I think that might the Devolos im using for wired connection to be honest because that coems back if I pop out the lan and pop it back in.

    My Laptop is an Asus GX700VO

    I disabled IPV6 in the router as i'm not sure if 3 mobile (The data sim provider) are using it or not and also don't know the settings for it.

    This is what I get for MTU by the way..

    Pinging [] with 1500 bytes -> ..fragmented
    Pinging [] with 750 bytes ->bytes=750 time=157ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1125 bytes ->bytes=1125 time=158ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1312 bytes ->bytes=1312 time=147ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1406 bytes ->bytes=1406 time=158ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1453 bytes ->bytes=1453 time=146ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1476 bytes -> ..fragmented
    Pinging [] with 1464 bytes ->bytes=1464 time=163ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1470 bytes ->bytes=1470 time=150ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1473 bytes -> ..fragmented
    Pinging [] with 1471 bytes ->bytes=1471 time=154ms TTL=42
    Pinging [] with 1472 bytes ->bytes=1472 time=165ms TTL=42
    The largest possible non-fragmented packet is 1472 (1500 - 28 ICMP & IP headers).
    You can set your MTU to 1500

    On Oakla speed test I average out at

    37 ping
    16 meg download
    10 meg upload

    Using a London server

    Anyway any help on optimum settings for an LTE router and also what MTU I should set will be very much appreciated please.


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    Judging by the viewed ro replied ratio of zero Im assuming no one has one of these LTE routers ROFL....

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    Welcome to SG.. I don't have one of those, however here is my take:

    You can set your MTU to 1500, as per the ping test. As for the network adapter settings, check these two articles:
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