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Thread: how to access modem and router tp-link simultaneously

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    how to access modem and router tp-link simultaneously


    I appreciate your help in the following case that I describe:
    I currently have a TP-LINK MOD router. WR641G / 642G v4 081520C2 and a TP-LINK MOD modem. td-8616 that are installed correctly and working perfectly with the internet.
    My concern is the following, in what way should I configure these equipment so that I can access the router and modem and perform any configuration without having to disconnect the router from the router and connect it directly to the modem.
    Currently I can only access the router and perform any type of configuration or revision, but I cannot access the modem.

    Thank you

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    Let's say your modem has the internal IP address of, and serves the IP range - 255
    Let's say your router has the internal IP address of, and serves the IP block of - 255

    You may have to set a static route between the two networks in order to be able to access, and/or you may have to change the IP address of your client NIC to a static IP address in the modem's range, for example to be able to connect to the modem's IP.

    It may be easier to just configure the modem so that it allows all traffic to your router, set the router's "external" IP to "DMZ", so that all ports are forwarded to it. That way, you wouldn't have to reconfigure the modem much past the initial setup, you only have to configure that one client (your router).

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