Oh boy. lots of jaded/cynical gum flapping going on directed at the developers of Multiplicity. Ive been saaaaalty as I couldnt(cant) get wake on lan to work ala their app. They used some arbitrary port (30564 or some such) which I presumed to be the issue.

No matter what I did, it wouldnt work.

Today I did an in place upgrade of windows to restore my recovery partition. It ends up bamboozling a handful of things a user might change which leaves said user needing to mop up and put things back in order after the fact.

One such thing - is the tweaks applied by tcp optimizer.

So i opened tcp optimizer and thought to myself, i should test multiplicity RQ. Poof, it worked. I was astonished. worked literally instantaneously. Tried a half a dozen more times. sleep wake sleep wake. Yay for that.

So i ran tcp optimizer (considered a macrium backup prior and like a moron i didnt) and restarted when requested. POOF, as quick as it was fixed, its re-broken.

I tried the windows defaults button, restarted... no dice. It changes something that doesnt get reverted.

Now to be clear, it doesnt break wake on lan in general. I can still wake via the UWP app "wake-on-lan" and i can still wake via teamviewer (but i think thats irrelevant as they use some proprietary cloud voodoo i presume).

its something with timing that doesnt get along with multiplicity and doesnt get reverted with the windows defaults button.

Anyone able to help me sort this out before i lose whats left of my hair lol >.<