Thank you for joining the Speedguide Team we welcome you with open arms.

That being said I would like to bring some of you up to speed.

The folding project is having growing pains. The number of folders has more than doubled during the past few weeks and the number of old servers just can't keep up with the pace. New servers are being added but it takes a little time. I just checked and Temple looks like they almost have 2 new servers ready to come on line which will help tremendously.

Some Cloud companies started a bunch (6,000+) of their GPU's to the project and no one saw what that would do to the supply of work units. Grad students at each university pick what project they are going to study and build the work units that will help them study that particular desease. (sp) They then have to supply a large number of these work units to a server designed to handle the project. In the past as little as 10,000 work units would last more than a day, now a server can dish out that many in around an hour, so they were caught flat footed and the servers ran out of work units to pass out, hince the error message "No WUs available for this configuration" error you get.

Please be patient with them as they are working as hard as they can to catch up.

Just think what their server must handle. Fast CPU to handle massive I/O functions. Massive storage to handle the massive amounts of data coming back (100+ TB SSDs. Not to mention the large amount of RAM needed for all this. If you've priced something like that you know its well beyond what most people use in their homes and even their offices.

Anyway welcome to the Speedguide Team 15 folding and may you all still be around after we DEFEAT the Coronavirus problem.