Please, I need someone to clarify or explain to me simply because when I connect my PC directly to the Huawei Smartax MT882a modem, it does not give me internet. The ADSL lights come on and flashes and then stays on steadily, meaning that you have already synchronized the connection, you can also see the LAN light where I have my PC permanently on, I can access the modem and navigate through all its options and see all its settings without problems, but I don't have internet.
I have reset it 30-30-30, normal reset and nothing ..
Connecting the modem to a router and my PC to the router does give me internet.
With wifi and cable connection.
Because with this connection if I have internet and if I connect my PC directly to the modem I don't have it? ... what configuration does that modem have that the internet does not give me directly?
What should I check inside the modem?
Thank you