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    motorola mb8600

    is there anyway for me to change the downstream pwr and the upstream pwr on a motorola mb8600 standalone 1 pc

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    The signal power is controlled by the sending end.

    In the "downstream power" case, it is the cable company's equipment. You can reduce the power (to get it closer to zero, I assume), by adding splitters, each two-way spitter reduces signal by ~3.5db. To increase that power, you can reduce the number of splits before the cable modem.

    The upstream power is controlled by your cable modem, depending on line conditions. When there is a lot of noise on the line, the modem has to "speak louder", i.e. increasing upstream power so it is "heard" on the other end. High upstream power means noisy line, usually connectors/splitters, or old coax, etc. You can run newer lines from the cable modem, make sure all connections are tight, or call your cable company to complain about high upstream power, so they clean up the signal to a point where it is usable.

    You can read this FAQ for what signal level ranges are considered good:

    I hope this helps.
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