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Thread: Good 10 Gigabit Switch for Imaging/Multicast

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    Good 10 Gigabit Switch for Imaging/Multicast

    Hey Y'all!

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good 8-16 port 10 Gigabit (on each or most ports) network switch?

    My company is does a lot of imaging of computers as we prep them for deployment, currently on some old hardware and it takes awhile, figure this would be a good time to upgrade to a 10 Gig switch and let the bottleneck be the computers being imaged and not the switch or our desktop server (has 2 10Gig NIC's), also gives a little future proofing. This switch would be totally isolated from our normal network and the host would be the desktop server containing our images.


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    Great value...we install several Ubiquiti switches a week.....both their Unifi switches and EdgeSwitches. For a smaller stand alone I'd go with the Edge series over Unifi.
    For higher budget and that long warranty...HP Aruba switches...we've been big fans of those for almost 20 years....rock solid!

    Disk throughput of the server...I'd have it on SSD.
    Quality 10 gig NICs....keep an eye on MTU and TOE settings.
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    Not sure what NICs you have on that server, but SFP+ fiber switches are more common than copper 10Gb ones. SFP+ NICs can be bought for ~$30 on eBay (Mellanox Connectx-2 PCIe 10GBe NICs for example), + like $8 for Finisar SFP+ Transceivers.
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