Hello there, i can play same game server without delay in a ISP1 and computer1, but in another house with another "ISP2" and "computer2" game cause randomly one second key command pauses each 10-30s of time. I made some internet test, but ISP2 even has lower latency than ISP1 to server game and i cannot find packet loss in ping testing, is there some good method to test for packet loss in connection?

Some points, ISP1 is 120/10Mb uses DOCsis tech, while ISP2 is 25/10Mbps with GPON, latency is lower to the game server but there is somewhile pause momments which disturb game fluidity. I make sure there is not LAN devices, router being bandwitdth consuming, gaming is being played alone in the LAN, without any other device.

I done Computer-side tweaks but this specific problem looks to be something in network, even ONU which is close routed by ISP2 and i cannot access to know if some setting inside it can be causing problem or most probably internet routers somewhere in the path to server.

Someone can advise in this question?

Thanks in advance