I just wanted to get some feedback from any of you who might either have security cameras setup around your homes or at least know a little bit more about them than I do, which is about nothing.

I know there are 1080p cameras out there and I do believe that having the highest resolution possible is a good start, from all my photographic experience I know that adequate lighting and focus plays a big part. I do not see any reason to go "cheap" and end up with video of people and things I can't tell who or what I'm looking at. But, I just don't know about wireless or how to power them properly. I could pull wire through my attic, I just think I might need someone to come in to actually hardwire the power. I've considered having a company come in and do it but I think I'd just be paying a 100% premium and getting only "average" quality cameras and equipment.

I'm looking at about 6 external camera with 1 in the garage. I'd also like some kind or recording capability and viewing over my phone would be even nicer. I understand these kind of systems are out there, I was just wondering what kind of experience any of you might have had and what would be a good general direction to start looking. I've looked into the "Ring" doorbells, but the price really seems to go up once you want to do any extended recording and I would just rather add a HDD to my computer and do the recording there.