I hope this is posted on the right forum.

I gave my Dell GX620 with Win7 away to a PC guy today.
I also took my new Dell 7010 SFF PC there with i5-3470 and 250 GB HD in it, 8 GB RAM and Win 10 and asked how much he'd charge to install my SSD into it.
He said it would be about $163 = $100 for labor and about $60 for a new version of Win 10 with license.
I wasn't planning to spend that much on this bc mainly, I love the way my i5-3470 runs with 8 GB of RAM and the onboard 250 GB HD and Win 10.

But I have a feeling I could do this myself and it wouldn't cost me a nickel. Is that right?
SanDisk helped my clone Win7 from a spindle HD and it worked great. If I can back up my Win10 to my external WD HD, and then physically remove the HD from the 7010, and then install the SSD with Win 7 on it, format the SSD, and then install the Win 10 from my eternal WD HD?

It sounds complicated but SanDisk were glad to help with their free Acronis Cloning Software bc evidently lots of people are doing this to take advantage of the new technology in the SSDs.

TIA for any advice on this.

But I wouldn't mind running the i5 as is. It runs better than my Dell 960 with 4 GB RAM, Win10, and 250 GB SSD.