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Thread: DefaultTTL And UDP

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    DefaultTTL And UDP

    I have identified a command to change UDP ports (same as maxuserport) is this recommended? netsh int ipv4 set dynamicport udp start=1025 num=64511

    about DefaultTTL why the value 64 is more recommended than the maximum (255)

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    The dynamic user ports are allocated in sequence, it only makes a difference if all are used, which is very rare.

    The TTL defines when a packet is considered lost, and is resent. Most normal connections use TTL of 10-15 hops, maybe up to 20-30 if it is a very "distant" in network terms server. A route longer than 32 hops is rare, I don't think I've seen a route longer than 64 hops. The reasoning is that if a packet travels more than that, it is likely that it is lost, or in some type of route loop, so it can be discarded, and the sender should be retransmitting it. There is no good reason for it to live longer than 64 or 128 hops/seconds.

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